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Split End Blues?

Welcome back to our blog! :) Let's be honest, when you hair is splitting in two, three, or four ways from one strand it is NOT pretty. Those pesky little frayed ends definitely have a way of their own to almost ruin a beautiful mane.

Are splits ends controllable, manageable, and fixable? You bet! With a little bit of dedication and some product you will be having smoother hair in no time!

Moisturizing and regular trims are key to keeping your locks under control and manageable! Your hair texture plays a big role in what product will actually work for your hair type. Thicker, coarser hair requires little more hydration to saturate and penetrate through the strand. Light creams and lotions are great for thicker hair. If you have thin hair or fine or maybe a combo, a light leave-in conditioner spray is ideal for you. This will help to avoid the need for a topical oil, which can weigh down the hair. If you need some extra shine or control flying strands, I would recommend an aerosol light shine spray. There are also volumizing mousses in the market that serve as a moisturizing volumizer. Remember, your hair naturally produces oil so you don't need to apply product toward your scalp, this will avoid getting too oily beforehand. However, everyone gets a fly away strand here and there so if you need to apply product use very little to tame them.

How to get rid of the split ends?

Get a good trim! Super important to at least get rid of most of those frayed ends, especially for those who are prone to getting them. I know for some people it may be difficult just getting under the cape, let alone also having to hear you need to chop a lot off because you just can't seem to get yourself to cut your precious hair! These splitting hairs do travel up so regular trims are best! It is recommended to get your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

Use a heat protectant. One that is suitable for your hair type and texture. By applying one to your strands your hair will have a defense against what can possibly damage it. With the daily use of protection against blow dryers, curling/flat irons, and the outdoor elements, your hair will be less likely to dry out and start to split.

Don't brush your hair out when it's super wet and dripping. Towel blot your hair as best as possible to avoid ripping through it just to detangle it! Apply plenty conditioner or your favorite moisturizer in the shower and detangle with your fingers to avoid a blob of tangles when you get out. This will lessen the amount of tangles you need to brush out therefore less breakage! ( Tip: split hair in half down the middle and always start to brush from the bottom and work your way up :)

Weekly deep conditioning treatments. As I mentioned above, moisturizing your hair is essential to keeping your hair hydrated. Whether your hair is thick, fine, colored, coarse, curly or anything in between it needs a little extra boost to keep its softness and manageability. Most mositurizers you can apply in the shower and require to leave in anywhere from about 5-10 min. Two times per week is ideal however, like many of us with lots to do these days, as long as you get a good deep conditioning treatment once a week, I would say it's better than nothing!

Avoid permanent color on your ends every color treatment. On average, we color our hair every 2-3 months. If permanent color is applied from scalp to ends every application it can weaken the strand by becoming too porous which leads to dull, dry hair and possibly split ends. I would recommend if you must color your entire hair, try a demi-permanent color. These last about 6-8 weeks of vibrancy and usually are super shiny! Your stylist may often use this already to tone your hair or add shine.

These are just a few suggestions that might help make that difference in whether or not your hair decides to take two routes up the same strand. Your hair definitely lets you know when it's in need of something and it's usually just a little TLC :). You deserve it, now go ahead and let your hair down!

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