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InMode FaceTite has shown to be superior to any other radio-frequency devices.  A single treatment with the FaceTite RFAL can achieve up to 37% contraction of the surface area of the skin.  The controlled application of radio-frequency aided lipoplasty (RFAL) makes this possible. More skin contraction can be provided by it than by any other product on the market. Due to the careful management of applications to the skin and deep tissues, its precision and capacity to target precise areas of application are second to none and virtually completely eliminate the risk of skin burn.

What is FaceTite

We are thrilled to provide this minimally invasive, in-office method for skin tightening that can be applied to the face and neck. We successfully tighten loose and saggy skin on the face using controlled and homogenous bipolar radiofrequency. The instant remodeling, tissue contraction, and skin tightening benefits of RFAL three-dimensional technology. We can treat specific locations using the little cannula's accuracy without causing substantial scarring or harm to the surrounding structures. With the same treatment, we can eliminate extra fat by using the radiofrequency's heat to tighten the skin.

What to Expect

Depending on how many locations are being treated, the duration of your in-office skin tightening procedure will be around an hour. Beginning with a local anesthetic. It uses a tiny cannula, around the same size as those used for straightforward filler injections. Additionally, any significant scarring will be avoided by this bipolar radiofrequency technology.

How does it work

Just beneath the slack skin, a tiny probe using the most recent radiofrequency technology known as RFAL is implanted. In order to disrupt the fat cells, cause the skin to tighten, and induce the fat to melt, energy is injected under the skin and heats the tissue to a certain temperature. The body also floods the area with collagen as a result of the regulated thermal wound that is produced. 

What is the downtime

The downtime following this skin laxity treatment is minimal. Significant bruising is much less likely than with a conventional facelift. When your procedure is finished, you can go home right away and resume your regular daily activities shortly after. Possible side effects include mild bruising. It is necessary to wear a compression garment to get the best benefits.

How much does it cost

Your cosmetic goals will determine the cost of your FaceTite surgery. The total cost of FaceTite will depend on the quantity of treatment regions, the size of the treatment area(s), and the complexity of the operation.

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