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Is EMSCULPT NEO Right For You?

Nonsurgical body contouring is one of the most popular cosmetic operations every year because it doesn't require any major surgery or a protracted recovery period, which appeals to both men and women who want to tone up and thin down. Even those who maintain a balanced diet and routine exercise frequently have trouble spots that resist their best efforts. For these people, EMSCULPT NEO® presents an exhilarating chance to get rid of extra fat and tone up their muscles more conveniently than before.

Fit women stretching

What does EMSCULPT NEO do?

High-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) muscle stimulation and radiofrequency energy are two potent technologies that are combined in EMSCULPT NEO to recontour various body parts, including:

  • Thighs

  • buttocks

  • upper arms

  • abdomen

HIFEM energy acts to stimulate muscular contractions for enhanced muscle tone and definition while radiofrequency energy warms and kills resistant fat cells.

Would EMSCULPT NEO Be a Good Fit For Me?

With a few exceptions, such as pregnant women and individuals with specific medical issues, EMSCULPT NEO is generally safe for the majority of patients. How much existing muscle tone and/or excess fat you may have is a crucial factor in deciding if EMSCULPT NEO is the appropriate choice for you. The best candidates for EMSCULPT NEO have mild to moderate amounts of stubborn fat that hides somewhat toned muscles beneath. Before utilizing EMSCULPT NEO, candidates for the procedure should have tried to reach their objectives with a conventional diet and exercise regimen. Patients who have a lot of loose skin or extra fat may benefit more from cosmetic surgery or other types of treatment.

Emsculpt NEO  before and after

How Many Session Would Be Needed?

While many patients see a difference in their shape after just one EMSCULPT NEO session, the best results are often seen following a course of 3 to 6 sessions. In order to maintain their benefits over time, patients should also be dedicated to a regular exercise routine and a healthy, balanced diet. Can dark skin be treated with EMSCULPT NEO? Since EMSCULPT NEO's technology has progressed over time, it is now FDA-approved to treat a far wider spectrum of skin tones than it was initially; nonetheless, not all skin tones may be eligible for treatment. In the Phoenix region, Nanette will carefully assess your skin tone and go through your medical history to establish whether EMSCULPT NEO might be a safe, appropriate, and successful treatment for you.

With EMSCULPT NEO, it's easier than ever to lose weight and gain muscle. Come to our location and book today! 623-535-9777 option 2.

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