Unlike ice or gel, the NanoHealth Shoulder Pain Relief Wrap has a “thermal-wax” inside each pocket that keeps the wrap from over cooling, preventing risk of ice burn or frostbite. the Nanotechnology pulls heat from the injured area and holds a therapeutic temperature to accelerate the healing process, reducing swelling, inflammation and pain.

Shoulder Pain Relief Wrap

  • How to Use:

    Place wrap in refrigerator or freezer. Placing in the freezer will make it charge faster however, the wrap can be charged n the refrigerator as well.

    Once the cells turn from a clear liquid to a bright white solid (within aproximately. 20 min) then the wrap is ready to use. Unlike ice packs, the wrap can be placed directly on the skin. Place the wrap on the skin, cells facing down, and strap comfortably. If you are not comfortable with the wrap directly on the skin, you may place a thin garment under the wrap. Be sure that the wrap is strapped tight enought so that you can still feel the cool effect.